EQ Bank first to recommend the Temenos CEO Navigator

EQ Bank first to recommend the Temenos CEO Navigator

Kanika Hope, Chief Strategy Officer of Temenos & Andrew Moor, CEO of EQ Bank, speaks at TCF 2022 about the launch of the unique new service Temenos CEO Navigator. We hear about EQ Bank's experience as the first bank to participate in the benchmark exercise and why the Temenos CEO navigator is so helpful for banks going forward.

Philip Morris International CEO on mixed Q1 earnings

Philip Morris International CEO Jacek Olczak joins ‘Squawk on the Street’ to discuss where the company’s earnings disappointment comes from, whether the company can get to 50% smoke-free products soon, and more.

EQ Bank’s big move: How the acquisition of Concentra will shape the future of Canadian banking

EQ’s acquisition of Concentra Bank is one of the biggest takeovers in Canada between digital banks! Check out this video to learn more about it and about their respective products going forward. For more information on the acquisition, I highly encourage you to visit the following sources:
– https://finance.yahoo.com/news/equitable-bank-completes-acquisition-concentra-125900885.html
– https://www.advisor.ca/news/industry-news/equitable-bank-buys-concentra/

0:00 Introduction
0:25 Background
1:34 Overview of the Acquisition
2:16 GIC offerings & Interest Rates
3:43 Potential Risk
4:28 Outro

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Clearly a need for banks to be much more digital, Temenos CEO says

Max Chuard, CEO of financial services software provider Temenos, discusses the banking sector.

Temenos Hero Innovation Award

Pleased to share that Hamilton Reserve Bank has won the coveted “Temenos Hero Innovation Award.” Temenos is the world’s largest core banking software company whose products power more than 80% of the world’s largest banks. Watch Hamilton Reserve Bank CEO Mr. Prabhakar Kaza in a short TV interview in London accepting the award on behalf of Hamilton Reserve Bank, as published by Temenos.