Temenos ` CMO explains the mission behind `Everyone `s Banking Platform `

Temenos' CMO explains the mission behind 'Everyone's Banking Platform'

Martin Haering, CMO, Temenos, speaks at TCF 2022 about the thinking behind the event's theme 'Everyone’s Banking Platform’, what megatrends we are seeing evolve across the industry, what's driving that disruption and how Temenos' vision for the next 2-3 years ties in with this.

Digital Banking Reloaded

Digital Banking gives banks the freedom and power to continuously innovate, keeping them not just in the game but ahead of the game. Technologies such as mobile, APIs, cloud, machine learning and artificial intelligence are enabling this innovation and cutting risk, which mean that banks can develop and test new ideas and launch highly personalized products and client experiences in minutes not months. We are in an age when banks can be in control of their technology, its output and the pace of change. They have total technological independence to choose the vendors, fintechs, developers and other third parties that help them deliver their strategy. They have unlimited potential to be bold, creative and courageous. This is digital banking reloaded.

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FinextraTV: Everyone’s Banking Platform: Why the future of banking has no boundaries

Max Chuard, Chief Executive Officer, Temenos, at the Temenos Community Forum 2022 in London about the excitement of meeting in person again to discuss Everyone’s Banking Platform, the open, cloud-native platform that will create endless opportunities. We hear how Temenos’ ecosystem encourages customer engagement, grows market share, and scales operations, and why banking doesn’t have to happen in a bank anymore due to open and collaborative business models like BaaS transforming banking.

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Temenos CEO says banks need to spend wisely on digital transformation

Banks on average spend about 17 percent on their IT systems compared to 4 percent in other industries. David Arnott, the CEO of Swiss banking software giant Temenos, tells Martina Fuchs on The Newsmaker that they need to become “digital to the core” and disentangle their legacy spaghetti systems.

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