Why Spain could be the next FinTech powerhouse

Why Spain could be the next FinTech powerhouse

The European FinTech market is currently led by market share by the UK, Germany and France. However, Spain may be about to shake things up.

Blockchain, Not Bitcoin: Singapore’s Fintech Future In Crypto | Web3 Revolution | Full Episode

Using the technology behind cryptocurrencies, the trusted financial hub of Singapore is positioning itself for the future digital economy. Anna meets the Central Bank building financial infrastructure, private players in digital assets and an investment firm with links to a famous Singapore family.

WATCH MORE Web3 Revolution: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkMf14VQEvTb6TDPHvftN7ZDTU_tkvKiG

About the show: Touted as the future internet, Web3 is a controversial industry rife with fraud and scandal. Yet behind the headlines, countries in Asia are building towards a Web3 future, each in their unique way.
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Fintech – Will it replace traditional banks?

Open banking has facilitated the rise of embedded finance – but is this a safe way to enhance the consumer experience or does it carry hidden risks?

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Why is Spain so unstable? | CNBC Explains

Spain’s just had its third election in just over three years. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and his socialist party won the most votes but weren’t able to secure a majority. This may result in the country facing further political deadlock. So why is Spain’s political system so unstable? CNBC’s Tom Chitty explains.


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EXPLAINED: Spain’s Incoming New Wealth Tax with Alex Radford, MyLawyerinSpain.com

Marbella-based English solicitor & Spanish lawyer Alex Radford reveals the facts behind Spain’s incoming new “impuesto a grandes fortunas” aka wealth tax aka so-called “solidarity tax”

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