Why strong third-party management is key to deal with risk

Why strong third-party management is key to deal with risk

In the modern day, businesses rely on third parties for an ever-changing range of purposes. In the area of risk, this is even more key.

Managing Third-Party Risks: Key Considerations

In this video, we explore the critical importance of third-party risk management considerations. We cover key topics such as identifying third-party risks, assessing their potential impact, and implementing effective risk mitigation strategies. Our expert insights and practical examples will help you understand the unique challenges of third-party risk management and how to address them

Why is Your Third Party Risk Management programme Failing?

Hear from Malcolm Parker, Senior Managing Consultant for Mobius Consulting unpack Third Party Risk Management while sharing useful tips to building a successful TPRM Programme.

Third Party Risk Management: How protected are you from your third party risks?

As we adopt more outsourcing and shared service models, the impact of third parties on our success is growing. Additionally, as our visibility and influence decrease, we are taking on more and more responsibility for the risks that exist in our supply chains. These risks are considerably difficult to control.

The primary elements of a strong and efficient third party risk management framework and process are examined in this video, along with how they may be implemented as a part of your broader enterprise risk management framework.

Visit our site to learn more about how the importance of third party risk management framework: https://www.protechtgroup.com/third-party-risk-management-how-protected-are-you-from-your-third-party-risks

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VENDOR RISK MANAGEMENT | Tips on how to conduct 3rd Party/Vendor Risk Assessment

In this video, I will be sharing tips on what you need to know in other to adequately conduct 3rd party/vendor risk assessment.
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